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Using the TimeChimp Tracker
Using the TimeChimp Tracker
How to use the TimeChimp Tracker
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What: a step-by-step guide on how to get started with the TimeChimp Tracker

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After installing the application, it's time to start using it. How it works.

Using the Windows application

After installation, the Windows app will automatically launch each day to automatically map your workday. The TimeChimp icon can be found at the bottom right of the screen. If you don't see it, it may also be hidden behind the arrow on the left.

When you click on the TimeChimp icon, the menu opens. Within it you will find several things:

  1. Notifications

  2. Shortcut to the web application (browser version)

  3. Support

  4. More

    1. Settings

    2. Update

    3. Logout

    4. Exit


During the day, the application records your activity. You will then find this on the timeline view in TimeChimp. (The left side of the screen). On the right you will find the regular registrations.

On the left you will find your activity of the day divided into time periods and possibly already linked to customers and/or projects.

You can use the activity registration on the left side to base your hour registration on the right. So you click on an activity to enter that period or select a period yourself with your mouse.

Then the activity appears on the right side. Here it is only a final registration that can be offered for approval. You can always adjust the duration of the activity here.

Important to know: Only the person to whom the account belongs sees all the information. The Administrator only sees the time registered in the registration section.

Absence detection

Of course, we are not tied to our laptops all day. We get coffee, make, chat or receive a call. The TimeChimp Tracker automatically records inactivity.

In TimeChimp, you easily assign this inactivity to the appropriate activity. For example, a phone call with a customer. You set the threshold from when absence is detected in Settings > Detections > Absence Threshold.


Watch the instructional video here.

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