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Installing TimeChimp Tracker
Installing TimeChimp Tracker
Learn how to install the TimeChimp Tracker
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Type: article, reading & video

Duration: 3 min

What: a step-by-step guide on how to get started with the TimeChimp Tracker

For whom: all roles

Note: Currently only for Windows!

With the TimeChimp Tracker you automatically register your work. At the end of the day, all you have to do is confirm which hours should appear in TimeChimp. You ultimately decide what will appear in TimeChimp and what will not.


How to install the TimeChimp Tracker. Click here to go to an instruction video.

1. Navigate to TimeChimp Tracker

Within TimeChimp, open Registration > Hours, then choose the Timeline option above the list.

2. Download the TimeChimp Tracker

Click on the blue button to download the TimeChimp Tracker and then install the software.

If you do not have rights to install the software, ask your system administrator to download it from this link and install it for you.

3. Launch via green button

After installing the software, the TimeChimp Tracker screen opens indicating you click on the green "Launch Software" button within the web portal. Within the TimeChimp web portal, click on the "Launch Software" button.


After this you will be asked if you want to open TimeChimp, choose to do so. The TimeChimp Tracker application will open up


Setting up

Now that you have downloaded the software. you need to go through a few more steps to get the automatic registration started.

Starting with specifying which web browsers you use. Select which web browsers you are using.

In Chrome you will be redirected directly to "the Chrome webstore" and be taken to the page where you can activate the TimeChimp Tracker extension

The web browser will close and get a green check mark within the TimeChimp Tracker application. This lets you know that installation is successful.

Are you working with multiple web browsers? Then repeat the above steps for each web browser you are using.

Installation complete

After completing the steps, onboarding is complete and the TimeChimp Tracker automatically maps out your workday.

A TimeChimp icon can now be found at the bottom right of the screen. Clicking on that will open the menu. It may happen that the icon automatically hides, in which case it can be found by clicking on the little arrow on the left.

Click here to learn more about the daily use of the TimeChimp Tracker.

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