The standard 40-hour work week, with somewhat flexible daily schedules, is by no means applicable to everyone. For example, some people work odd weeks, or have a mandatory amount of workable hours per day. For these types of contracts, we offer the option of attaching a "daily schedule" to the employee contract.

Assign daily schedule or odd week

To assign this type of contract to an employee, you start at HRM. Click on the three dots behind the employee's name and choose 'Edit'. You will now enter the employee's HR settings. Then go to the 'Contract' tab.

Click on the button at the top right with '+ New Contract', a screen will open to enter contract details.

Add new contract

At the top, choose the contract type name. New contract type options are added via Manage.

The start date of daily contracts, unlike regular weekly contracts, can start in the middle of the work week.

At "Calculate Contract Hours" choose the "Per Day" bullet to add a daily schedule. E.g. no work on Wednesdays and work on Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri.

To add an odd week, under the week line choose '+ Add second week' as shown in the image above.

The employee can now start registering from the start date you have given and must make at least the hours listed here on the days listed in the daily contract.

Does the employee go over the contract hours for that day? Then the hours count as overtime. These can be found in the employee dashboard from the next working day (after 23.59).

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