Duration: <2 min

What: An explanation of how to give feedback and vote on other requests

For whom: TimeChimp users

We are always striving for improvement and development of our product. To achieve this we can very well use the vision and wishes of our users. For this purpose we have created a feedback portal where TimeChimp users can leave their wishes and problems. Here we can then see what the desired and what needs to be solved. This portal is in English.


As soon as you open the feedback portal you will be taken straight to the dashboard. This is the screen where you will spend most of your time and where you will find most of the functions. For example, here you can easily submit a request or view the status of a request. You can also be an active member of our community and see the other requests from fellow users and vote for them.

Submit request

In the top left corner you will find the "Make a suggestion" button. When you click on this button, you will be taken to a new screen where you fill in your request/problem. Let us know what you want to achieve with this request or what it should be used for. This helps us to better understand requests, but also helps other TimeChimp users to better understand your requests. This is important because they can vote on your request and the more votes the better. You can also add files to your request to make it even clearer for everyone.

Make sure that the file is visible to all TimeChimp users. Do not put any company sensitive information there!

Other suggestions

The largest field in the lower right corner is our community field. Here you can see all the requests that other TimeChimp users are having. You can indicate in this field whether you find a request useful or not. This is an important feature because it allows us to see which suggestions are wanted by our users. If you can't quite make out from the title of the suggestion what it means then you can click on the title to see the whole suggestion. Also in this field we can see the status of the suggestions. This is to make the process as transparent as possible for everyone.

My priorities

This is the field where you can see all the suggestions you voted for in one place. You always have the possibility to change your vote. If you decide that the suggestion is not useful then it will appear in your "previous choices". Here you always have the option to vote the suggestion back as useful and then it comes back in your priorities. In the "my priorities" field, it is also important that you use the bar to indicate which suggestion is more of a priority for you. This is important to pass on so we know which one is most important to you.

Recently released

The last field in the dashboard is for all suggestions for which a solution was recently released. These are not just the suggestions you voted for but everything all releases. If you see a release that you find interesting you can open it by clicking on the title and you will see what it is about.

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