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With the SevDesk link, you can easily import all customers and create an invoice from your hours.
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What does the link do?

With our SevDesk link you easily transfer your registered hours and invoices for your German accounting.


You activate the link via our app center. You can find it via Settings (cogwheel) > app center > integrations. Click on the tile with the SevDesk logo as shown in the example below.

Upon activation, you will be redirected directly to the settings page of SevDesk in TimeChimp (Settings -> SevDesk ). You will follow the following steps:

  1. Go to your SevDesk environment.

  2. Then go to -> Settings -> Users

  3. Click on a specific user that you want to use as an 'API user' and then click on 'Display' in the field 'API token'.

  4. Enter your password and copy the API key and paste it into your SevDesk settings.

Import Customers

After creating the link, you can start importing customers. To do this, again go to Settings (cogwheel) and choose Import > links to import all customers from SevDesk.

Successful? Then these customers can be found under Administration -> Customers. Please note that the link is created on the customer number field in TimeChimp, it must match the debtor number in SevDesk.

You can also choose to create your customers in TimeChimp first. When creating an invoice in SevDesk, it will then automatically create the customer in SevDesk if it does not exist.

Creating an invoice

From now on you can easily create an invoice in SevDesk from all your written hours, expenses and trips in Timechimp. To do sit select the desired hour lines in Overviews and choose Actions -> Invoice in SevDesk.

Create Sales Booking

Do you want to use TimeChimp's invoice module? Then create your invoice in Financials, send it to the customer and select the invoice again by selecting the line. Choose Bulk actions > Create sales bookings in SevDesk.


It is possible to create products in SevDesk, so that the linked invoice lines are directly linked to the correct VAT percentage and category (including for correct general ledger account). Choose a standard product in TimeChimp at the settings page of SevDesk. In addition, you can also link a product to an activity or expense category (when editing this activity/category). Now when you register hours on this activity and create an invoice from this it will automatically have the correct category and VAT percentage.

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