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What changed?
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What: a short explination over TimeChimps new look

For whom: All admins, projectmanagers, teammanagers and custom rolls

First of all, best wishes! We are happy to help you with questions about the new look.

What's new?

We have left the old appearance behind and we have started the year with a beautiful, fresh appearance. And that does not only apply to the app, but our logo has also been updated. At the top left you will immediately see our new logo (provided you do not have your own theme.)

βž• Quick add

Do you want to quickly create a customer, project, activity, label, product or employee? Then you can do that from now on with the '+' sign at the top of your bar.

✍️ Timesheets

It is now more clearly indicated when the weekend is and therefore easier to recognize. We have also replaced the "Save" button with "add hours" so that it is clearer what you are doing.

πŸ—„ Filters

We have adjusted the display of this on all pages where there are filter options. This way you first see the most chosen filters and you can choose to see more. This way you keep a simpler view.

πŸ“† Planning

The planning scales with the size of your screen. The larger your screen, the more stretching weeks you see.

πŸ” Customer Portal

Open easily and quickly by clicking on 'Open portal'. This way you can also see what your customer sees in the customer portal.

πŸ”„ Switch organisation

Do you have or register (in) multiple organizations? Then you can easily switch by clicking on the squares next to the logo.

Apart from a new look and some additions, nothing else has changed!

Good luck and if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it.

Help, I don't see the new look!

Apprently something went wrong, but no stress 😊

  • Are you working on a Windows? Hit the CTRL + F5 buttons.

  • Are you working on a Mac? Hit the COMMAND + R buttons.

After that the new look will be shown.

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