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How to set-up a role?
How to set-up a role?
Determine what an employee can see and do within TimeChimp
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What: Explanation about how you create and manage a role

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Do you want to determine what rights/permissions an employee has within your TimeChimp environment? Then create a role yourself and set-up what an employee can see and do.

This functionality is available with a Professional account.

How do you create a role?

Step 1.

Go to the Manage tab and click the Roles tab.

Here you can see the current roles that are active in your TimeChimp account. The ones with a lock icon are the standard roles that TimeChimp offers. You cannot edit or delete those.

Step 2.

Click on '+ New role' to create your own role.

A pop-up window will open.

Step 3.

In the General tab you enter the name you want to give the role.

Every other tab represents a TimeChimp module: TimeSheets, Projects, Teams, Finance, Manage and Settings.

Step 4.

Determine per module which rights an employee with this role will receive.

View: select view if the employee is only allowed to see the information.

Edit: choose edit if the employee is allowed to view, adjust and use the information and / or functionality.

Step 5.

Click Save when you are done with the settings.

You will now see the new role in the Manage > Roles tab.

Do you want to learn how to assign a role to an employee?

Then go to this article.

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