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Power BI Desktop Manual (for Windows)
Power BI Desktop Manual (for Windows)
Gain visual insights with Power BI
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For our Professional users, we have created a template in Power BI.

To retrieve the correct data in Power BI you must enter your API Key. You can find your API Key under Settings > API.

Click on Create Access Token and enter your password. Copy the entire key (for example: 'Bearer 123456789'). Download our starters Template for Power BI here.

Open the template in Power BI and go to 'Edit queries' -> 'Edit queries'.

At the ApiKey parameter, enter your API key (from TimeChimp) as the current value. Then press Close and apply on the top left.

You now have the correct data to start using Power BI. The necessary relationships have been established between the tables for a good data representation. There are also fields such as 'Status' for 'Times'. This is the status of the hours (whether they have been approved, invoiced, etc). This always contains a number. You can find the correct numbers in the list below, so that you can apply your filters to them.

You can find an extensive beginners instruction video about Power BI in this video.

Please note: since January 1, 2019 the Power BI link will only be available for the Professional subscription in TimeChimp.

You can download the Power BI desktop version itself here "for free" on the Microsoft website. The online and paid version can be accessed via this link.

Below is a guide to the link between Power BI and TimeChimp. For more information about Power BI itself, you can view this video. We only give support for our self-built dashboards.


Status Rejected = -1, Open = 0, Pending Approval = 1, Approved = 2, Invoiced = 3, Written Off = 4

Project Invoice Method No Invoicing = 1, Task Hourly Rate = 2, User Hourly Rate = 3, Project Hourly Rate = 4, Customer Hourly Rate = 5, Project Rate = 6, Task Rate = 7, Milestone Rate = 8, Subscription = 9

Project Budget Method No Budget = 1, Total Hours = 2, Task Hours = 3, User Hours = 4, Total Rate = 5, Task Rate = 6, Invoiced = 7

Invoice Status Concept = 1, Open = 2, Paid = 3

Estimate Status Concept = 1, Open = 2, Approved = 3, Rejected = 4 Task Balance Type None = 0, Leave = 1, Sick = 2, Overtime = 3

User Account Type User = 1, Admin = 2, Project Manager = 4

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