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Welcome to TimeChimp! This article provides tips on how you can optimally organize your own TimeChimp environment. In this article we will go through the tabs organization, general, regional, times, holidays, import, export and the API.

In the basis of TimeChimp you have standard access to the following functionalities. Click per functionality to read more about it.

General - Regional - Times - Holidays - Import and Export.

Depending on the activated modules, you will see a settings tab for each module. Click on the name of the module to quickly proceed to the correct article.

Expenses - Mileage - Projects - Invoices - Estimates- Approve - Customer portal.


A step-by-step guide to set up TimeChimp to your liking.

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Please note that when you adjust settings, always exit by clicking the "Save" button at the bottom right.

  • Name This is the name of your organization and how you are registered and known at TimeChimp. This name is reflected on the invoice & estimate that you send to your customers.

  • Address details The name and address details of the organization with which you are registered. Everything except the 'website' is reflected on the invoice & estimate that you send from the organization.
    Note! You can only enter 1 e-mail address and / or telephone number.

  • Payment details (IBAN, VAT & Chamber of Commerce) The financial details of the organization with which you are registered at TimeChimp. This information is included on the invoice & estimate that you send to your customers.
    Note! Here you do not change the billing and payment details for your subscription at TimeChimp. You do this at general settings > payments.

  • Logo Upload the logo of your organization and have it reflected on your time specifications and at the TimeChimp Standard invoices and estimates layout.
    Note! This logo is not used to create your own Theme.

  • New employees When you add an employee, they will receive an activation email that is displayed in a standard layout. You can create a personalized text here, which will then appear on the activation email, instead of the standard text.
    Note! You can send the invitation once from TimeChimp.
    Oops: I want to send an invitation again, what should I do? Read that here.

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