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Tracking Mileage
Tracking Mileage
Enter and manage your rides!
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Tracking Mileages

Activate the mileages module to track your rides. It just takes a few clicks, lets show you how it works.

There are two methods to enter your mileage:

  • By using a start and end location.

  • By entering the total amount of KM you have driven.

To calculate the distance between the start and end location we make use of Google Maps. The route that is the shortest at the time of entering is used to track the mileages. This means that entering the mileage at another time than the ride took place can result in a divergent amount of KM than there actually has been ridden.

However, you can still edit the information afterwards ;)

How does it work?

  • First, select the necessary information that goes with the ride.
    1. The customer
    2. The project (optional)

  • Enter the start and end location (3 & 4), or the total amount KM of the ride (6).

  • Enter a note/description of the ride (5)

  • Indicate the purpose of the ride: private, business, or living/work (7).

  • Select this box if your ride was a return (8).

  • Indicate if this ride is billable or not (9)

  • If you have multiple cars at your disposal you can click on the button (10) to select the car that suits the entered ride.

You can also copy mileages you have entered last week, by clicking on the button that says (11) Copy.

Do you want to know how you easily get an overview of your entered mileages? Click on this link to read more.

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