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Tracking Expenses
Tracking Expenses
Get a grip on your expenses. Learn how to enter expenses in just a few clicks.
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What: a guide that learns you how to track expenses

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Did you pay an expense? Track this in TimeChimp. Get insights in your own and your companies' expenses, and obtain insights in expenses per customer and/or project!

Entering Expenses

Activate the expenses module to get a better financial grip. Luckily, the works of it are very similar to how you track time in TimeChimp.

How does it work?

First enter the necessary information that goes with the expense.

  1. The customer

  2. The project (optional)

  3. The product you have paid for

  4. Note/description of the expense

  5. Attachment (image or pdf file)

  6. Enter the sum of the expense

  7. Indicate whether VAT is included in the sum

  8. If the VAT is included, indicate what the VAT percentage is

  9. Indicate if this expense is billable or not

You can also copy expenses you have entered last week, by clicking on the button that says (10) Copy.

Do you want to know how you easily get an overview of your entered expenses? Click on this link to read more.

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