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Set up the customer portal for insight
Set up the customer portal for insight
The external approval of the registrations via the customer portal
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This article explains step-by-step how to set up the customer portal, the settings and how to give your customer access to have insight.

This module is available from the Professional subscription.


A step-by-step guide to set up the Customer Portal.

For whom


How and where do you create the customer portal?

First, make sure this functionality is available.

  • Click on Settings (gear wheel)

  • Go to tab 'App Center'

  • Click on the 'Customer portal' tile and activate

  • Go back to General Settings

In the General Settings you enter a personalized text. The customer will receive this text as soon as you invite them to use the customer portal.

Below you can read how to create a customer portal.

  • Go to management

  • Click on the tab 'Customer portals'

  • Click on + New customer portal

Now a pop-up window will appear. You can set everything up and determine access via this screen.

  1. General: here you select the customer for whom you create a customer portal.

  2. Settings: indicate per subject what the customer is allowed to see in the customer portal. This can be, for example, only insight into the progress of the project (milestones, budget) or, conversely, viewing the registrations that are being made.
    Note! Do you want to let the customer approve hours, but do you not see the option 'Approve'? Then check if the approval flow is set to External in the general settings > approve.
    Tip! Do you want the customer to only see the hours submitted in the portal? Then indicate that the customer may only see 'Show only pending approval'. Then all registrations that have not yet been submitted will not be visible in the portal.

  3. Projects: here you indicate which projects are visible to the relevant customer in the customer portal.
    Tip! Suppose you have 4 projects running, but the registrations must be submitted and approved for 2 projects? Then you set those 2 projects to YES. With the other 2 projects, should there only be insight into the projects? Then you create an extra customer portal for this customer and set the settings differently in step 2.

  4. Access: enter the contacts and indicate who can have access to the portal. For example, there is a change of contact person. Then enter the new contact person here and deny access to the old contact person.

Is the customer portal set up the way you want? Then click on Save!

At manage > Customer portals you will now see the created customer portal.

Send an invitation by clicking on 'actions'> Send invitation.

In the pop-up screen you indicate which contact person should receive an invitation and send the invitation. The invitation is an email with a unique link in it.

Tip! Do you want to enter the customer's customer portal yourself to check something? Then click on 'Open portal'. Then the environment is opened.

In this environment you can see what the customer has access to and what the customer sees as soon as the customer portal is opened.

Submit hours

As soon as hours are submitted for approval to the customer, the customer will receive an email with another unique link that opens the customer portal. From here the customer approves or rejects the hours and it is possible that the customer has to enter a signature + name and optionally a comment, which the employee receives.

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