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Group employees by tags
Group employees by tags
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An article about labels in TimeChimp and specifically aimed at the Employee labels. How do you create employee labels and what can you do with them?

For whom


Where do you create employee tags?

  • go to manage > tags

  • click + New tag

  • give the tag a name

  • kind = employee

Where do you link tags to employees?

  • go to teams > employees

  • edit the employee (end of the employee line, click on 'actions' > edit)

  • at general > tags

  • select the tags you want to link to the employee here

Linking labels to employees ensures that you can filter quickly and efficiently in reports and teams by employee tags. This contributes to the speed of making reports from TimeChimp, among other things.

Example labels: "Permanently employed", "Self-employed", "Freelancer" or "Department of Amsterdam".

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