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What can and cannot the employee see and do in TimeChimp?
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In TimeChimp there are different roles, with different rights. One employee may only register hours, while the other is a project manager and may generate invoices. In this article you can read about the different rights you can assign per role.

For whom



There are 3 roles in TimeChimp. Each role has its own rights in your TimeChimp.

  • Administrator

  • Project manager

  • User



Has all rights in TimeChimp. In addition to the standard tabs, such as register and reports, the administrator also has access to the manage tab, general settings (gear wheel) and teams. Do you want to know more about management, general settings or teams? Then click on the topic for more information.

Project manager

You can give a project manager a various of rights. Below it is explained per right what the project manager can do extra.

Note! Does the employee have the role 'project manager' but has no extra rights + not ticked as project manager for a project? Then he/she has the rights of a user + access to projects, but will not see any projects in the list.

Right 'Manage all projects' to YES:

  • Can view all projects and create / edit / archive / delete projects.

  • Can register for all employees and edit / delete the registrations.

  • Can change status from registrations to Open, Approved, Rejected and Written off.

  • Can generate hours specifications.

  • Has access to teams: create new employees, edit employees, lock and delete employees.

  • Can see the costs / expenses / revenues etc. in teams of all employees.

  • Has no access to tab manage and tab general settings.

Right 'Access costs' to YES:

  • If he / she can view the costs of the project of which he / she is project manager (including the above right; then the project manager can view the costs for all projects in the project dashboard).

Right 'Access invoices' to YES:

  • Project manager can view all invoices at finance > invoices.

  • Project manager can create and send invoices.

  • Integration with an accounting tool? Can also create sales transactions and invoice directly in the other tool from TimeChimp.

  • Project manager can create invoices from reports. This means that the status of the registrations that are invoiced will change from open to invoiced.

  • Project manager has access to the tab finance > uninvoiced (can also invoice from this tab).

Right 'Access estimates' to YES:

  • Project manager can view all estimates at finance > estimates.

  • Project manager can create and send estimates.

Right 'Create labels' to YES:

  • Project manager can create hour labels from the 'Register' tab. These labels are visible to all employees when registering.


What can a teammanager do:

  • Create a team

  • Approve hours from his / her team

  • See registrations of his / her team members in reports and export

Administrators, projectmanagers, and team managers can create teams.


A user has access to the tab 'register', 'reports' and his / her own profile.

  • In the register tab, the user registers on the customers, projects and / or tasks that he / she is allowed to write on.

  • In the reports tab, the user sees only his or her own registrations.

  • In 'My profile' the employee has access to his / her dashboard (view leave, overtime and schedule) and the employee can change his / her name, e-mail address or password himself / herself.

Right 'Create tags' to YES:

  • User can create hour tags from the 'Register' tab. These labels are visible to all employees when registering.


In this article you have read about the different roles and rights within TimeChimp.

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