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View your own registrations
View your own registrations
What is the status and how do I edit my registration?
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Hi user! Have you registered hours, but do you still need to make a change? Or are you curious whether your hours have already been approved? In this article, you can read more about how to edit or delete registrations, as well as insight into your registrations and what the status is.

For whom


What data do you see in reports?

In the tab reports you have a simple insight into the registered time, expenses and / or mileages. You can easily find the hours entered by you through the filters.


You can filter on the period, customers, projects, tasks and the status of your registration. By using these filters, you will quickly get an overview of your registrations.


At 'display' you can check which columns you do and do not want to see in the overview. The columns you select here and the resulting view can then be exported to PDF.


It is possible to group the registrations you have made. Suppose you have registered for several customers in a month and you want to see how many hours you have written per customer, then you group by 'customer'. The number of registrations and the subtotal is then displayed per customer.


Have registrations been made that you still want to change? Select your registration (s) here and click on 'actions' > edit hours.

Note! Do you want to edit multiple registrations at once? Then make sure that you only set the part you want to edit to YES in the pop-up screen. Should you set it to YES and then leave the field empty? Then the registration is saved with an empty field.

As an example:

You have made registrations on the wrong project, then you only slide the slider to YES for Customer Project Task. Here you enter the customer, project and task. It is important that you enter all 3 fields. If you leave a field empty, it means that the registration will not be linked to the value, but will be left empty.


Select the relevant registrations and click on 'actions' > delete hours.

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