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Invoice quickly and easily!
Invoice quickly and easily!
Hourly invoice, subscription or a fixed price?
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With the TimeChimp invoice module you can quickly send invoices and design your own invoice layout. Easily bill your booked hours, expenses and mileage with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Possible from the Business subscription.


A step-by-step guide to creating invoices.

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Where do you create invoices in TimeChimp?

There are several billing starting points.

  • Reports > actions > invoicing

  • Projects > open project > new invoice

  • Finance > invoices > + new invoice

  • Finance > uninvoiced > Select line > actions > invoicing

Each billing starting point is explained below.


You invoice hours, expenses and / or trips directly from reports.

  • go to reports and select the registrations you want to invoice
    Tip! Use the filters to quickly highlight the registrations you want to invoice.
    Note! TimeChimp remembers your selected hours, if you click through to expenses and / or rides that you want to invoice directly.

  • click on 'actions' and choose invoicing.
    Tip! Do you have a integration with an external tool? Then you can now also invoice directly to this accounting program.

  • Indicate in the pop-up how you want the invoice lines to be described.

  • immediately add the hours specification and if you invoice expenses, you can add the attachments (such as receipts) to the invoice.


It is possible to invoice directly from the project. With the billing method at project level, you have determined which method you want to use (recalculation, fixed rate or subscription). Read more here.

  • go to Projects and open the relevant project.

  • click at Invoice on New > Invoice

  • optional: enter a reference, such as an order number.

  • the billing method you have set is chosen as the default. However, you can still freely choose what you want to base the invoice on. But the set billing method is leading for the amount on the invoice.
    Note! Is the invoicing method a fixed price and do you invoice it in periods? Then choose the 'specific period' at 'invoice period' and at the end date enter the entered invoice date of the period you want to invoice.

  • create the invoice!

Note! Do you work with the approval flow? Please note that only the hours that have been approved will be invoiced. Registrations that are still registered, rejected, written off or already invoiced will not be invoiced.

Finance - Invoices

  • go to Finance > Invoices

  • click on + New invoice

  • select the customer

  • Indicate on the basis of which data you want to create the invoice. The choice you make determines the next screen.
    - Hours, expenses and mileage not invoiced > choose your project, select the display of the invoice lines, add attachments of the expenses, and select the invoice period (Sept 1 to Sept 30).
    - Hours not invoiced / Expenses not invoiced / Mileage not invoiced > the same applies as above.
    - Project price > select the project and period.
    - Task rate > choose the project and which task you want to invoice.
    - Subscription > choose your project, select the display of the invoice lines, add attachments of the expenses, and select the subscription period (Sept 1 to Sept 30).
    - Free invoice > this invoice can be filled in freely.

  • create the invoice!

Finance - Uninvoiced

You can invoice subscriptions quickly and easily from this place in TimeChimp.

  • go to Finance > Uninvoiced

  • filter on the desired period you want to invoice

  • indicate whether you only want to see un-invoiced customers

  • select a line you want to invoice

  • click on 'Actions' > invoicing.

  • enter a reference (such as an order number) and determine the display of the invoice lines.

The invoice

We managed to create an invoice! In TimeChimp we always start with a concept invoice. You can still edit this concept, such as choosing the desired layout and making adjustments.

Via actions (1) you can create the invoice layout or process a payment. It is also possible to download the invoice as a pdf (2) for your own documentation. Via 3 you get a web preview of your invoice, so that you know what it looks like online. You can then send the invoice (4) from TimeChimp or choose to send it manually. As soon as you have indicated in the system that the invoice has been sent (or via TimeChimp as manually), an invoice number will be created.

Finally, it is possible to edit the invoice textually, you can do this by clicking on "Edit". (5)

Note! You set the prefix and start number of the invoice in the general settings > invoices. This determines the range of invoice numbers that will be created. It is not possible to manually change the invoice numbers.

Do you want to know more about adjusting the layout? In this article we will discuss it further.

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