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Approve hours of your employees or team!
Approve hours of your employees or team!
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Would you like hours to be approved or rejected by the customer before you continue with the invoicing? Or do you want holiday requests to be approved before the employee can actually go on holiday? In this article we explain step by step how to set this up.

Possible from the Business subscription.

For whom


As an administrator you can perform steps 1 to 5.

As projectmanager/teammanager steps 3 to 5.

And as a user only step 3.

Step 1. Activate the functionality

  • go to Settings in the main menu

  • click on the 'App Centre' tab

  • click on the 'Approval' tile

  • choose 'Activate app'

  • proceed to settings

Step 2. The settings

  • go to Settings (gear )> click on 'Approve'

  • set the approval flow that suits your organization.

The approval workflows are:

Internal - Employees offer their hours to the projectmanager/teammanager.

External - Employees offer their hours directly to the customer in the customer portal.

Internal / External - Employees first offer their hours to the projectmanager/teammanager before they are offered to the customer in the customer portal.

External / Internal - Employees first offer their hours to the customer in the customer portal, before they are offered to the projectmanager/teammanager.

The flows with 'External' is possible from the Professional subscription.

Step 3. Offer hours for approval

As an employee you can offer hours, mileages and / or expenses from the Register tab. These hours are offered to the projectmanager/teammanager or external customer.

  • submit hours per registration from day view. Click on the arrow at the end of the registration and click on Submit hours.

  • submit hours per day from day view. Click on 'Submit hours this day' at the bottom right of the registration screen.

  • submit hours per week from week view. It is possible to submit hours for approval per line. Click on 'actions' at the end of the line> submit hours.

  • submit all hours per week at once. Click on 'Submit hours this week' at the bottom right of the registration screen.

Note! Do you want to receive a notification as soon as your hours have been approved or rejected? Then go to my profile > my settings > notifications: and set "Approved by project manager / customer" and / or "Rejected by projectmanager / customer" on YES.

When submitting hours, the projectmanager/teammanager or customer receives a notification via email to approve the submitted hours.

Note! You didn't receive an e-mail as a projectmanager (or administrator)? Check whether you are checked as projectmanager on the relevant project and whether you have allowed receiving the notification. You set this in my profile > my settings > notifications: "Internally offered by employees to projectmanager" on YES.

Step 4. Approve or reject hours, milages and expenses

From the Reports tab you approve or reject hours.

  • filter in reports on 'Pending approval'

  • select the registrations

  • click on 'Actions' and approve or reject them.

  • it is optional to add a comment. The employee receives this comment.

Tip! You missing the colom 'Status' in Reports? Check at 'Display'' whether 'Status / Status Customer' is selected to display in your overview.

Step 5. Approve hours, milages and expenses in the flow Internal / External and vice versa.

  • Internal / External: have you approved registrations and do you want to pass them on to the customer? Then select the registrations that have been approved in reports > click on 'Actions' > 'Submit for approval to customer'. Now the contact person of the customer portal will receive a notification by e-mail, with a unique link, to approve the registrations.

  • External / Internal: as soon as the registrations have been approved from the customer, you can see in the 'Customer status' column in reports which registrations this concerns. These approved registrations can now be approved by the project manager in reports. Follow the same steps as in step 4.

Tip! Do you want the possibility to have the hours signed off immediately on location? Then select the approval flow 'External' under settings / approval. For example, employees can have the hours approved and signed off on location via the iOS or Android app. The signature is saved in the status history of the hours line. You can view this in overviews by clicking on the status label.

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