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Tracking Time
Tracking Time
A guide that helps you to track your time in just a few clicks!
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Duration: 3 min

What: a guide on how to track time

For who: all TimeChimp users

Get insights into time spent per activity, project, or customer. Use the tracked time for invoicing, or analyze it to get an even better overview of what is going on in your organization.

Get a grip in budget, process, or planning, so you can focus on the things that really matter!

This article guides you with the following functions of TimeChimp:

  • Time tracking

  • Copying tracked time, or retrieve your planning

  • Submitting tracked time

Time Tracking

Every organization and every employee is different. With that in mind, TimeChimp developed multiple ways for you to track time.

The basics of tracking time

  1. Go to the Timesheets tab.

  2. Enter the necessary information. Such as client, project, task, notes, and/or label.
    Below the area where you can enter a note, you see the label icon. Click on the icon to add a label.

  3. Enter the time by using one of the following:
    - From To
    - Timer
    - Total time

  4. Click on Save!

From To function

Enter the time you started and the time you ended with the task. If you had an interruption such as a break or meeting, enter the time spend at 'pause'. TimeChimp calculates the total time you spent on the task you selected.


Use the timer function when you want to track the current time you are spending on a task. This functionality is only to be used when you set the Timesheet on the day view.

  1. Enter the required information.

  2. Click on 'Start timer'

  3. Click on the red stop button when you are finished with the task

Tip: have you already started with the task but forgot the timer? Fill in the time spent and click on Start timer. The timer will track the time on top of the filled-in time.

Tip: when you have a timer running, and you are going to start a new task, you can just start a new timer. The 'old' timer will automatically stop and save the data.

Total Time

Track the total amount of time you have worked per customer, project or task. Fill in the total amount on the right corner, as shown in the visual, and click on 'Save'.

Copy tracked time or retrieve your planning

Some of us have tasks or projects that are week repetitive. In that case, it helps if you don't have to go through all the steps of tracking time again and again.

You can copy your tasks from the week before with, or without the time that has been tracked for that task. This will save a lot of time! And who doesn't want that? ;)

This is how it works:

  1. Go to your Timesheets, and select the Week view.

  2. The Copy button appears when no tracking of time has been done in the week you selected.

  3. Click on the Copy button, and select if you want the data from last week copied with, or without the hours tracked.

When you have activated your planning module, it is also possible to retrieve your planning. Press on the Copy button, and click on 'Schedule this week'.

Copying just one tracked task to another day is also possible.

  1. Go to your Timesheets, and select the Day view

  2. Click on the arrow which is at the right end of the line

  3. Click on Copy

  4. Choose to what day, or multiple days, you want to copy the selected task.

  5. Click on Copy

Submitting tracked time

Is the approval module activated? Great, then you can submit your tracked time!

How does this work?

Per separate task:

  1. Track your time

  2. Click on the arrow at the right end of the line

  3. Select 'Submit hours'

  4. Add a note if wanted

  5. Click on Offer

Per week:

  1. Set your Timesheets tab on Week view

  2. Click the button 'Submit hours this week'

  3. Add a note if wanted

  4. Click on Offer

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