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Do you have teams in your organization and do you want to link teams to projects quickly and efficiently? In this article you can read more about creating teams and how to link teams to projects.


An article about creating, editing, assigning and deleting teams.

For whom

Administrators and project managers

Where and how do you create a team?

  • go to teams> and tab teams

  • click on + New team

  • give the team a name

  • select the relevant employees

  • add!

Your team has now been created. Do you want to edit the team? Then click at the end of the line on ´Actions´> Edit. This way you also delete the team.

How do you link a team to a project?

  • edit or create a new project (read more here)

  • click on 'employees'

  • select the team

  • the team is now added to the project

  • save the project!

Filtering in reports on your team?

  • click on the tab 'reports'

  • click on 'filter team'

  • all registrations of this team are now displayed in reports at once.

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