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Are you a new customer at Timechimp and do you want to add your employees, or are you already a customer and do you have a new colleague? Then you can read here how to create a new employee.

Note! If a new employee has been created, it will be added to your subscription.


A step-by-step guide to adding employees.

For whom


Where do you add new employees?

There are two ways to add new employees: manually and via an import.

  • Teams > employees > + new user(s)

  • Settings > import > CSV / Excel


Add user(s)?

1. Go to Teams > employees

2. Click on + new user(s).

3. Enter first and last name, the e-mail address, which role and choose the language.

4. Optional: + another employee.

Tip: add employees at once to avoid separate invoices.

5. Send employee (s) an invitation immediately

Tip: do you want to send a personalized invitation? Read more here.
Tip: do you want to send the invitation at a later time? Untick the box and send an email from your own mailbox at a later time with an accompanying letter and request a password reset.

6. Add employee (s) directly to all current projects. This saves a possible extra manual action by linking the employee (s) to the projects later.

Tip: uncheck the box if the employee (s) should not be added to all current projects. Read more about how you can add an employee to projects in Teams here.

Via an import:

As an administrator you can also import all employees in one go via a csv file. Employees are matched by email address. Is the email address already known? Then the import is not possible. Does the email address not yet exist? Then a new employee is created.

1. Create an Exel or CSV file with your employee data.

Tip: Name the columns, this makes importing easier

Tip: TimeChimp works best with importing a CSV file

You can import the following fields:

- Name

- E-mail

- Labels (multiple labels are separated by one,) read more about labels here.

- Language (ned, eng, dui, pol, fra and spa)

- Hourly rate sales (read more about this here).

2. Go to Settings > Import and click on the "CSV / Excel" tile

3. Make the choice to import employees

4. Select a file from your computer

5. Match the columns in the file with the columns in the popup screen in TimeChimp.

6. Click on "Start Upload"

7. You will receive feedback on the status of your import. Was the import successful? Then you will receive a success message. If your file has not been imported, you will be notified why it was unsuccessful, then you can edit the document as needed or upload a new document and try again.

Now that your employee (s) have been loaded, we proceed to step 2! These are the settings at the employee level, such as an employee number, a contract, leave balance and much more! Read more about it here.

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