Type: article, reading

Duration: 3 min

What: a guide with tips about how to get started with TimeChimp

For who: admin users


Welcome to TimeChimp🎊 ! You, as an admin user, can manage everything in TimeChimp. But before you can start track time (and much more) it is important that TimeChimp is set up.

As an Admin you can manage every aspect of your TimeChimp account. You have all the keys to the kingdom, you are the master of the digital universe and as such must understand that with great power, comes great responsibility.

There is no chronological order you have to follow. This roadmap is here to inspire, so make sure you do what works best for you.

Who should read this?

This roadmap is interesting for employees who are going to play a role in the implementation of TimeChimp. Think about the admin users, project managers, but also important stakeholders.

What can you learn from this roadmap?

Every organization is different and will make use of TimeChimp in its own way. However, knowing what boxes to tick before you go live will contribute to the successful and efficient use of TimeChimp. This roadmap shows the basic components to think about, an optional timeline, and useful tips.

How to use this roadmap?

As you can see below and in the timeline, we have created a path for you to follow and have written articles that explain every step. The most important things you need to do before you can make optimal use of TimeChimp.

Click on the article you want to read here below in the table of content and get redirected to the correct page.

Table of Content


  • For who: Implementation Stakeholders

  • Content: basic steps to go live, optional timeline & useful tips

  • How: Click on the article title in the table of content to go to the right page!

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