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Assign a team manager
Assign a team manager
Approving registrations by a Team Manager.
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What: a guide about how you create a teammanager. And an explanation of what a teammanager can do.

For who: Admin users

What is a team manager?

A team manager is a (new) role within TimeChimp that makes it possible to work more effectively with Teams.

For who: organizations that work with the projects module, and have an internal approval flow.

How do you create a team manager?

  • Create a current user team manager

Go to Teams > Employees. Here you can, by filtering, find the employee you want to give the role 'Teammanager'. When you have found the employee, click Actions > Edit on the right side of the bar. You will now be taken to another screen. Under the heading 'General' you will see Role on the 4th line from above. Select the Team manager role here and click the purple Save button at the bottom right.

  • Create a new user team manager

Go to Teams > Employees . Click the purple button at the top right + New employee (s). A new pop-up screen will now appear. Enter the details of the new employee here, and click on the heading Role > Team manager. Then save the data by clicking the purple button at the bottom right called Add.

What can a team manager do?

  • Create a team

  • Approve hours from his / her team

  • See registrations of his / her team members in reports and export

Administrators, projectmanagers, and team managers can create teams.

Go to Teams. Create a new team, select the desired team manager and team members.

Note: A team can have multiple team managers and these can only be team managers. Employees with the role of administrator, project manager or users cannot be selected as team manager.

As a team manager you can then approve hours. In this article you can read more about approving or rejecting hours.

You can view and approve the hours of the users in your team in the Reports tab. Use the "filter team" option to see the hours of employees who are on your team. You can also filter at employee level to view hours of one or more specific employee (s).

All registrations of your team can be exported from overviews as excel / csv etc. Read more about exporting registrations here.

If you have many teams and you want to see at a glance who is in which team, you can run an export of all teams. You will then see the name of the team, team members and team manager (s). Go to Teams > Teams and click Exporting.

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