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Use of the TimeChimp API
Use of the TimeChimp API
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TimeChimp has a public API that can retrieve data from your TimeChimp environment and update data. In addition, you can create certain new data via our API to put in your TimeChimp environment or delete it. Our public API is a RESTful API. The following main topics can be found in our technical documentation (

  • Customers

  • Expenses

  • Invoices

  • Mileage

  • ProjectNotes

  • Projects

  • Tags

  • Tasks

  • Time

  • Users

The TimeChimp API is accessible through all applications that can execute HTTP web requests. This can be an application that you have built yourself, an API development tools such as Postman or even via Microsoft Excel and PowerBI.


To communicate with the TimeChimp API, users must first be authenticated so that they can execute requests. The steps for this are:

  1. Get an API token (Settings -> API -> Create Access token)

  2. Add this token to the Authorization request headers (format: “Authorization: Bearer {token}“)

  3. Make your requests to our TimeChimp API.

All possible entities and actions can be found at You can only retrieve (or update, create or delete) data for parts (active apps) that are also available for your organization in TimeChimp.

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