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How to work with surcharges
How to work with surcharges
Granting of surchargers
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Working overtime and working outside office hours is the everyday reality. Often this is accompanied by other payments to the employees and therefore different costs. You can use employment contracts to ensure that this all goes well.


An article focused on employment in Teams

For whom


Below we explain employment contracts.


In the General tab, indicate the name of the employment and to which employees this applies.


Do you work overtime?
If not, indicate here that there are no overtime hours.
If so, you indicate here how much extra overtime counts. Suppose one overtime counts as 1.5 normal hours, then you state the percentage of overtime 150%.


Working hours outside regular office hours may result in a different payment for the employee and therefore different costs.
For surcharges you indicate what the deviating rule is.

You have the following options:

Type: Day

The rule applies that if, for example, more than 9 hours are registered per day, an surcharge is of x %.

Type: Date

The rule applies to a certain date, such as Easter or Christmas.

Type: Time

Sometimes you have multiple types of allowances on the same day, choose the type of time. In this way, you can set up night and evening shifts, for example.

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