It is very easy to keep track of your employee's leave hours in TimeChimp.

First go to the relevant employee at Teams> Employees >Actions > Edit. Here you can specify the leave hours on the 'Leave' tab.

We explain how it works based on an example. 

Start TimeChimp

Suppose an employee starts 01-04-2019 with TimeChimp and this has 187,5 hours of leave per year. For the sake of convenience, let's assume that this employee has 150 leave hours at the start of TimeChimp. Choose 'New holiday' and enter 150 hours here.

Paying leave hours

Suppose the employee wants to have paid 32 leave hours on October 16th. Then choose 'New holiday' and check 'SUBSTRACT' (instead of 'ADD') and enter 32 hours. The leave balance then looks like this:

Write leave hours for employee

The employee can simply write his leave hours via Register > Time on the internal project (there is a standard activity for this called 'Leave').

All hours written on this leave activity are deducted from the balance.

Approve leave hours

To approve hours of leave you need the Approve (internal) module. You can activate this at Manage > App Center and activate Approve. The employee can then submit the hours (via Register > Time) and the project manager or administrator approves them (via Reports > Hours).

View leave hours

The employee can view all his leave hours per year at My profile > Leave. It also shows the starting position and when there have been payments, for example.

The administrator can also open this overview by going to Reports > Users and clicking on the dashboard icon behind the employee.

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