You can add employees through Teams > Employees. Here you will find on the right a purple button with "New user(s)". When you click on this button, the following pop-up window will open in which you can add employees. 

To add an employee, the above fields are mandatory. In addition to name (1) and e-mail address (2), you make the choice which role an employee will receive. 

Roles (3) 

There are three different roles within TimeChimp: 


An employee with the User role only sees Register and Reports. He can only register his own hours and view them at Reports. To help your colleague get started, we have created a short manual for the User role. You can find the manual here

Project manager 

An employee with the Project manager role can do everything an User can do. He can also create projects and add employees to projects for which he is a Project manager. If an employee forgets to enter hours, both the Project manager and the Administrator can supplement these hours. Finally, a Project manager can approve / reject hours. (For this, the Approve app must be activated in the App Centre). 


The employee with the Administrator role is the person with all rights within TimeChimp. Among other things, he is responsible for creating the customers, but can also work with all projects and reports. An Administrator can, among other things, change registrations, enter rates, can invoice and create projects. 

Language (4) 

We support the following languages: 

  • Dutch, 
  • English, 
  • German, 
  • Polish,
  • French, 
  • Spanish.

The user can also enter a preferred language in his / her settings, but as Administrator you can already specify a standard. 

Another employee (5) 

It is possible to add several employees at the same time. You can do this by clicking on the plus sign. Do you want to add a large group at the same time? Then we advise you to do this via a CSV import. You can find out how that works here

Send employee invitation (6) 

When adding, you indicate whether the employee will automatically receive an email with his login details. If you choose to invite, the employee will receive an email immediately after you have clicked on add. 

Do you choose to send it later? Then it is not possible to have an e-mail sent automatically. For this you will have to invite the employee yourself and refer them to the login page. When he/she arrives there, he/she chooses to 'Forgot my password'. He/she can reset a password via the received e-mail. 

Add employees to current projects (7) 

Do you work with projects? Then you can add immediately all new employees to a project. It is also always possible to do this later or at an individual level. 

You can enter further information about the employee by clicking on the employee. Here you can edit the data. In Manage employees we explain how this works. 

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