When an employee has been created, the employee's account must be set up.

Go to Teams> Employees and open the set up environment of the employee by clicking on the desired employee or go to actions > edit. 


At General you will find the user's standard data. Enter the employees name, role, language and labels here.

Please note: The e-mail address can only be changed by the user after creating the user.


At Contract you specify from when the user will register. The start date must always be a Monday and the end date a Sunday. You also enter the employee's purchasing and selling rate here.


At  Schedule you can enter if the employee has a different schedule than indicated in the company settings.

Leave of absence

At Leave you specify the leave balance (in hours) and you process leave payments.

More about leave hours can be found here


At Overtime you process compensation and payments for overtime.


At  Notes  you enter the employee standards for notifications. Do you want employees to receive email notifications? Then set the corresponding slider to "Yes".


At Projects you can quickly add an employee to multiple projects. From the drop-down menu you can choose where the employee should register.

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