All standards for your TimeChimp account are entered under the gear button. At the top right of the menu bar you will find the gear icon. 

1. Settings

  1. Enter your organization details here. You can see this data on your invoices, among other things.
  2. Set in General the standard data for, among other things, registering;
  3. Set your basic settings for hours;
  4. Set your basic settings for expenses;
  5. Set your basic settings for mileages;
  6. Set which standard invoice method you want to use for projects;
  7. Set your standards for invoices here and make the layout of your invoices. Read more about the layout here;
  8. Set your standards for estimates here and make the layout of your estimates. Read more about the layout here;
  9. Set up the approval process and what requirements are included. For more information click here;
  10. Create a personal invitation for your customers to invite them for your customer portal;
  11. Adjust TimeChimps look and feel to your own company colors and logo;
  12. Import data here via CSV or a link with another application (more information here);
  13. Create an api token and you are able to use the TimeChimp API. Find the API documentation here.

2. APP Centre

Activate different apps and create a customized TimeChimp envoriment with the apps your company needs. Just click on a App and choose activate or deactivate. 

Also set up a integration with a partner here. 

3. Subscription

Upgrade or downgrade your subscription by yourself or just see how much it cost to add an extra user. 

4. Payments

Here you can find your invoices for your TimeChimp subscription and add or adjust your invoice information.
We use this information for our invoices and subscription. 

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