There is nothing wrong with celebrating successes twice. So (once again) welcome to TimeChimp 🎊 ! As an administrator, you can manage everything in TimeChimp. But before you can start registering hours (and much more) it is important that TimeChimp is set up.

This article shows you where to manage your settings, account preferences, and data/information.

First, we go through the pages globally.

  1. With Timesheets you register hours, expenses and / or journeys. Find a guide for Timesheets here.

  2. With Reports you create overviews by filtering on the registrations. Find a guide for Report here.

  3. With Projects you manage the projects that are registered on. Find a guide for Projects here.

  4. With Estimates you make and manage your estimates.

  5. With Invoices you create and manage invoices. Find a guide for Invoices here.

  6. With Manage, you manage customers, activities, employees, apps and edit your organization settings. Find a guide for Manage here.

  7. Via the Gear Icon you set the general Set up. Find a guide for Set up here.

  8. Via your Initials you can, among other things, view your own profile, look up knowledge base articles and log out.

1 The Gear Icon


At the top right of the menu bar you will find the gear icon. Clicking on this will take you to the general settings of your TimeChimp account.

To get a good start with both design and use, it is important to have the correct modules active. Have you not yet activated this in your trial subscription or do you want to use more apps? Activate the apps that you want to use (of course those included in your package) via the App Center. This is possible by clicking on the app and activating it. Don't you want to use an app anymore? Then deactivate this app via the same route.

Go to Settings to set up all basic settings.

What do you find here:

  1. Enter your organization details. You can see this data on your invoices, among other things.

  2. Set in General the standard data for, among other things, registering;

  3. Set your basic settings for hours;

  4. Set your basic settings for expenses;

  5. Set your basic settings for mileages;

  6. Set which standard invoice method you want to use for projects;

  7. Set your standards for invoices here and make the layout of your invoices. Read more about the layout here;

  8. Set your standards for estimates here and make the layout of your estimates. Read more about the layout here;

  9. Set up the approval process and what requirements are included. For more information click here;

  10. Write here the invitation for the customer portal that is sent to customers;

  11. Create your own TimeChimp environment with your own company colors and logo.

  12. Import data here via CSV or a link with another application (more information here);

  13. Create an api token and you are able to use the TimeChimp API. Find the API documentation here.

APP Centre

Activate different apps and create a customized TimeChimp environment with the apps your company needs. Read in this article how to activate the Apps and Modules!

We also work with a lot of partners to offer you the integration(s) you need.

Want to know more about the integrations, and how to set them up?

Go to the following article!


Upgrade or downgrade your subscription by yourself or just see how much it cost to add an extra user.


Here you can find your invoices for your TimeChimp subscription and add or adjust your invoice information.
We use this information for our invoices and subscription.

2 Manage

After you have entered all the basic settings, continue filling TimeChimp so that you can register!

Via Manage you create clients, tasks, labels and a lot more!

  1. Create clients and edit them.

  2. Create new tasks.

  3. Add labels so that you can sketch reports easily and efficiently.

  4. Create categories / products;

  5. Make a vehicle to use it at Mileage.

  6. Create, edit or delete Employees.

  7. Create teams if wanted.

  8. Invite your clients for the Customer portal and set it up.

  9. Find who has add, changed or deleted things in TimeChimp

For more about Manage, go to Quick start manual for Manage

Now that all this has been set up, you can start with TimeChimp. Do you have any questions or do you want more clarity? View our other knowledge base articles or chat with us via the purple button at the bottom right of your screen.

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