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Quick start manual for 'Projects'
Quick start manual for 'Projects'
Easily create projects and how to manage them.
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To add a new project go to Projects and click on the 'New project' button.

  1. Under General you enter the general data of the project. Select your client here and give your project a name. There is also the possibility to add a project code to your project, so that you keep an alphabetical order of the projects per customer ([code] - [name] for example: P003 - Website).

  2.  Is the project billable? Specify the desired invoicing method for invoicing. If you want the project to be invoiced on the basis of "Recalculation, Fixed Price or Subscription", click on the "Invoicing" button. Also select the invoice method and fill in the requested lines that are important to you. Click here for more information about the different project invoice methods.

  3. Do you want to invoice the same amount every month under a project? Then you can choose the Invoicing method for Invoicing: 'Recurring term amounts'. You will automatically receive the extra 'Subscription' button. With Subscription you can set the frequency, the term amount and even more.

  4. Do you want to invoice in terms? At 'Invoicing', choose Project rate and set 'Invoice periodically’ to ON. Under Periods, you enter the description of the terms (Term 1 - Term 2 etc.) and when invoicing is required.

  5. Do you have a budget for your project? Enter this in Budget and choose which budget method you want to use. To receive a reminder if you have used up a certain percentage of the budget, tap the "Notification" button and enter a percentage if you wish to receive a notification. 

  6. Do you want to be able to write only for certain tasks in a project? Under "Tasks", select these tasks, indicate whether they are billable and, if desired, attach a budget to them.

  7. Give employees access to register for this project via "Employees" and create teams if desired. Do you want to add a project manager? Read more about this in 'Add Employee'.

Via Projects there is the possibility to filter on projects, export a project, edit projects and archive projects. If you archive a project there is no longer any possibility to write or edit hours on this project. "Archived" lists all archived projects. You can  delete projects by clicking a archived project > Actions > Delete button.

If you click on a active project, you will see the dashboard overview. Here you can see the progress of the entire project and you can also add milestones (1).

From projects there is also the possibility to create estimates (2) and to sent the estimate immediately and the same applies to invoices (3). These modules must be activated via the App Centre).

In addition to these options, you will see an overview of the registered hours at the tasks (1) and per employee (2). The same applies to expenses and mileage.

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