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Quick start manual for Invoices
Quick start manual for Invoices
Create an invoice in just a few seconds
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With the TimeChimp invoice module you can quickly send invoices and design your own invoice layout. Easily bill your booked hours, expenses and mileage with just a few clicks of a mouse. 

How do you make an invoice?

To create an invoice from Invoices, click on the "+ New invoice" button. A new window will open in which you must display different values.

  1. Customer - choose a customer from a drop down menu

  2. Choose desired invoice methods. You can choose from the following bases:a. Hours, expenses and mileage not yet invoiced b. Hours not yet invoicedc. Expenses not yet invoicedd. Project price - the agreed project price as specified for projectse. Task price - the agreed task price as specified for projectsf.  Subscription - the agreed subscription rate as specified for projectsg. Free invoice - an invoice that is not related to project and / or registrations. For example.

Click on "next step". 

After this you enter the next window where you specify the further specifications. Do you want to invoice one or more specific projects? Then enter that here (1).

You can then choose how you want the lines on the invoice, in which you can choose from the following ways:

2. Description per task.
3. Description per employee.
4. Description per project.
5. Detailed description. Here you can indicate what you want to see displayed.
6. Description with placeholders. A free layout is possible here with the indicated placeholders.

From the creation it is possible to add attachments of expenses (7). Finally, enter the invoice period. Indicate here the period you want to invoice. Enter the desired subscription period for a subscription (8).

Then click on create to realize the invoice.

The invoice

The invoice that subsequently arises is a draft invoice. You can choose the desired layout for this and make any adjustments to the invoice.

Via actions (1) you can create the invoice layout or process a payment. It is also possible to download the invoice as a pdf (2) for your own documentation. Via 3 you get a web preview of your invoice, so that you know what it looks like online. You can then send the invoice (4) from TimeChimp or choose to send it manually. As soon as you have indicated in the system that the invoice has been sent (or via TimeChimp as manually), an invoice number will be created.

Finally, it is possible to edit the invoice textually, you can do this by clicking on "Edit". (5)

Do you want to know more about adjusting the layout? In this article we will discuss it further.

Various billing starting points

It is possible to create your invoice from the Invoices module, but also in the following ways:

  • Select desired lines in Reports and then choose Actions> Invoicing. You can register rules from Hours, Rides or Expenses!

  • Go to Overviews> Go unpaid and then invoice the desired lines via Actions.

  • To Projects, choose the desired project and click Invoices "new" in the dashboard.

No billing module yet? This is available for our Business and Professional users. Contact us if you want to know more about those subscriptions. Already Business or Professional user? Activate your account in your app centre!

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