With Zapier, you easily automate processes by linking applications together. For example, after creating a new card in Trello, you can automatically create a new task in TimeChimp. Or when you set a deal to won in SalesForce, the customer is automatically created in TimeChimp.

Create Zapier account

To link TimeChimp to 1 of these 1000+ applications, you will first need to create an account with Zapier. You do this here.

Adding TimeChimp in Zapier

If you have a Zapier account, you can then go to this link to add the TimeChimp app in Zapier:

After that, when you go to create a Zap, you just need to activate TimeChimp (for the first time) by entering your API token. You will see a popup when activating in Zapier. Then go to TimeChimp and then Settings -> API (at the very bottom). After this, click on Create Access Token.

Copy just the token here (without Authorization: Bearer) and paste it into Zapier.

Then press Yes, continue and then Test. After that, if the test passes and button turns green, you can continue adding Triggers and Actions!

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