Through our desktop app you can also register hours without having to open a browser. The application is always "present" on your desktop. 

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If you work on a MacOS operating system, you can run into the following: 

When installing the desktop app, you get a warning and you cannot open the program. According to Apple, all apps that do not come from Apple's App Store are by definition ‘unreliable’. Better safe than sorry, fair enough. You must first "trust" us a software developer before you can open the TimeChimp desktop app on your Mac. 

 This "trust" is done as follows: 

  1. Go to System Preferences. 

  2. Go to Security and Privacy. 

  3. Make sure the settings like the example below are set. (You may have to unlock the lock before making adjustments in this screen.) 

Now you can use the TimeChimp desktop app. If it still doesn't work, you can always send us a chat message in your TimeChimp browser environment at the bottom right of the page. 

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