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The Exact Online link allows you to easily import customers and create invoices/sales entries
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Activate link

To create a link with Exact Online go to Settings (cog icon) in the main menu -> App Center and click on the Exact app. You can activate this for free.

Upon activation you will be redirected to Exact to enter your login details and grant TimeChimp access. After successful completion you will be redirected to the Exact settings page in TimeChimp (Settings -> Exact). Here you should fill in all the settings as complete as possible.


You can create articles in Exact so that the invoice lines linked to these will be sent directly to the correct sales account. In TimeChimp you can choose a standard article from the Exact settings page. In addition you can also link an article to an activity or expense category (at Manage). When you now register hours on this activity and create an invoice from it, the invoice lines will automatically be linked to the correct article.

Importing customers

If you have a connection to Exact Online you can import all your customers from Exact under Settings -> Import. You can then view them in Administration -> Customers. The link is made on the customer number field in TimeChimp which has to match the customer number in Exact.

There is also an option in Settings -> Exact to run an automatic import every night to import your customers.

The following fields will be imported:

You can also choose to create your customers in TimeChimp first. When creating an invoice in Exact Online it will then automatically create the customer in Exact if it does not exist.

The following fields will be exported:

Create Invoice

You can easily create an invoice from all hours, expenses and trips in Exact. Just go to Overviews -> Hours, select the hours (or expenses/drives) and choose Actions -> Invoice in Exact.

You can also invoice your customers/projects in Exact from Overviews -> Uninvoiced. This can be useful with projects that have for example a subscription or fixed price as an invoicing method.

The following fields are passed through:

Create Sales Booking

Do you want to use TimeChimp's invoice module? Then create your invoice here and after sending the invoice to the customer, create a sales entry in Exact.

You can do this under 'Invoices' (select the invoices) or from within the invoice itself. Then choose Actions -> Create Sales Booking in Exact. Note that the invoice must have been sent before this button is visible.

The following fields will be passed through:


You can set a default article from Exact Online under Settings -> Exact. You can also do this per activity and/or expense category. When creating an invoice and sales ledger the rules will be linked to this. On the article (which must be set to divisible in Exact) you can then link the general ledger account and VAT percentage.

Should you receive the message 'Mandatory: General ledger account' this means you have not set up a general ledger account on the item (in Exact). To do this go to the relevant article in Exact, edit it and set (bottom right) the general ledger account for sales.

Should you get the error code 'Forbidden' when creating a sales ledger then the user with whom you logged in TimeChimp does not have enough rights.

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