Do you want to approve hours from your employees before invoicing? Or do you want to offer it directly to your customer? Check first if you have the right module to do this.

Available for Business and Professional 

Activate module

  • Go to settings (gear icon) in the main menu,
  • Click the App Center tab,
  • Then click on 'Approve',
  • Select 'Activate'.

Choose workflow

When the approval module is activated, you as administrator can choose a workflow that matches your organization. We offer 4 workflows, which you can find under Settings -> Approve. Below you can read which and when to use them.

  1. Internal - Employees offer their hours to the project manager/administrator.
  2. External - Employees offer their hours to the customer in the customer portal.
  3. Internal / External - Employees first offer their hours to the project manager/administrator before being offered to the customer in the customer portal.
  4. External / Internal - Employees first offer their hours to the customer in the customer portal, before being offered to the project manager/administrator.

Offer hours

Employees can offer their hours, expenses and mileages with 'Register'. The registration can be submitted for approval by clicking on the arrow icon at the end of the line. Or they can submit everything in one go by choosing 'Submit hours this day/week' at the bottom right.

Approve hours

How do I approve hours already submitted?

  • Go to 'Reports' in the main menu
  • Tip: 'Filter status' on 'Pending Approval'
  • Select the hours that you want to approve by checking them
  • Then choose 'Actions'
  • Choose to approve or reject and provide a comment if necessary.

The customer does the same process, but then in the customer portal

You do not see 'Status' in the overview?

Check at 'Display' if 'Customer status / status' is selected to be displayed in your columns.

Status history

You can view the status history of the submitted lines.  It is kept up to date whether the line is registered, offered, approved or rejected, and invoiced. This includes, among other things, the date and time, any comments, signature (when required) and which invoice it was ultimately invoiced on. You can follow a registration from start to finish.

Have it signed off immediately

Do you want to offer the option to have the hours signed off directly on location? Then select this option at Settings / Approve. For example, employees can have their hours approved and signed off on location via the iOS or Android app. The signature is saved in the status history of the hour line. You can view this in overviews by clicking on the status label.

Email notifications

Do you want to be kept informed of status changes regarding the lines that employees submit? Then go to My profile -> My Settings -> Notifications and in the menu on the left: Notifications. Here you can set which status change you want to stay informed about.

Tip: In overviews you can select the status labels and view the history of the statuses. Any comments are also listed here.

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