Activating Apps & Modules
Activate and deactivate the modules you need!
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A step-by-step guide to (de) activate modules in TimeChimp.

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TimeChimp offers modules that can be activated and deactivated. The modules within TimeChimp can be found in our App Center. This can be found under Settings (gear icon) in the main menu and then the 'App Center' tab.

Click on a module/app to activate or deactivate it. You can read what they are below.

Internal apps (required license):

  • Expenses (Business)

  • Mileage (Business)

  • Theme (Business)

  • Projects (Business)

  • Quotation (Business)

  • Invoices (Business)

  • Approval internally (Business)

  • Schedule (Professional)

  • Customer portal (Professional)

We also work with a lot of partners to offer you the integration(s) you need.

Want to know more about the integrations, and how to set them up?

Go to the following article!

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